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What if your office became a sacred space designed to nurture and inspire higher creativity? Would your work space be different?

Creating SACRED SPACE as a work environment makes space for envisioning your future ... a space that enriches creativity ... a space that bridges your inner world and the external environment you work in ... your sacred space of imagining, dreaming, crafting of new ideas, acting upon intentions.

When you create sacred space in your office, you are creating a work space that deeply nurtures who you are now and supports defining your future ... you are literally and energetically creating a sanctuary to give birth to an envisioned destiny. And by doing so, you have activated the sacred power of intention. So, pay close attention. Notice synchronicities. By creating your office as a SACRED SPACE you have set into motion a dynamic alchemy of forwarding movement.

To ensure your work space is supporting your growth, here are a five good questions to ask yourself:

* Does your work space reflect the image you hold for your future?

* Does the environment spark joy and bred a sense of heart-centered success?

* What about clutter? Do you feel organized?

* Is your work space symbolic of your past, your present, and your future? Is the space ‘weighted’ only in the ‘past you’ and neglectful of acknowledging your recent achievements? Is the space equipped with plenty to inspire and motivate steps in becoming the ‘future you’ and the vision you are creating?

* How do the colors impact your mood and energy states? Color really does matter. So, take note to how you feel.

A soulful sacred space has the power to transform long days at your desk into a joyful creative journey. Let your work environment feed passion to your actions and a deep sense of sacred connection to your work.

ENJOY! Marsh


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