Move Your Work Into the World in Bigger, Bolder Ways

Do You Want a Move Your Work Into the World in a Bigger, Bolder Way?

In just 45 minutes accelerate your creativity with this 

FREE Purpose Visioning class to enjoy more

success, freedom, and abundance on your terms.

Entrepreneur, writer, producer, AND inspired creative dedicated to helping you become the person you most want to be.

A FREE 45-Minute Purpose-Visioning LIVE Class

Supercharge Your Creativity to Accelerate

Your Purpose-Driven Success!

advance your work into the world
in a bigger, bolder way.

There is a vibrant, fierce connection between our inherent creativity and our yearning for purpose-driven work. For this PURPOSE VISIONING CLASS EXPERIENCE I invite you to join me to define what success looks like through an innovative, creative lens: whole-hearted, inspired, manifesting, forward-moving. Because it's time to shake things up and advance your work into the world in a bigger, bolder way!


Imagine being so centered, so connected with the highest expression of yourself that you naturally become more creative, more productive and, more fully ALIVE!

Here's What You’ll Experience in OUR HIGH VIBE 45 minuteS TOGETHER ... 

  • In this 45-minute session, Marsh lays out an essential purpose visioning practice to support you to expand the view of your unique purpose-driven path

  • The practice we'll explore together is a proven method to help you to move beyond the limits of your current vision.

  • Elevate your mindset to motivate new perspectives to supercharge more empowered manifesting actions.  

  • Energizing and creativity-enhancing, our 45-minutes together will support you to recognize, release, and allow outdated identities to fall away. 

  • Advance your clarity and your confidence to become a true “visionary,” sharing your deepest gifts to help evolve your life and the world around you. 

  • Best of all, through the experience, you'll magnetically call in the future you truly desire and become more deeply engaged in your sacred work.

Here’s What You’ll Receive

  • One 45-Minute LIVE Class Sessions With Marsh Engle — from the comfort of your own home. The class session guides you to dive into purpose visioning practices so you can begin to bring your work to the world in bigger, bolder ways you might never have imagined, until now. 

  • MP3 Audio download of the Purpose Visioning Class Session

  • In addition to the MP3 audio, you’ll also receive a printable worksheet of Marsh Engle's signature practice for defining ways to immediately amplify your purpose-driven success. You can download, print and use this practice over and over again. 


Thursday, March 19th at 4 p.m. PST

Can't make the LIVE session?

Follow the SAVE MY SEAT link above and you'll be sent an MP3 audio recording following the LIVE session.